Show your Pride in your country of birth or nationality, with a Whipkix Country Flag License Plate Frame!

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Everyone loves to show their pride of their nation of birth, from hanging dongles in the rear-view mirror, to placing stickers in support of their country on their cars.  If you are one of these people who are proud of where you come from, and want the world to know, Whipkix has the perfect product for you.  Whipkix has developed and designed a line of license plate frames to represent various countries.  Our license plate frames are unique because they offer a graphical image area that is 60% larger than any other frame on the market today.  This allows for greater visibility and impactful branding.

Most people clutter their car with bumper stickers that fade from the sun, leave sticky residue, peel away and scar their paint job, but the Whipkix license plate frame alleviates that problem.  Our license plate frames allow you to securely insert your license plate, and attach it to your car in just a few minutes, without damaging your paint job.  Whipkix frames are so unique that we were able to obtain both design and utility patents.  Our frames are stylish, clean, and enhance the image of any vehicle.

Whipkix “Unleash Your Pride”!

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